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The spinning continues

Full moon October 13th. Have been spinning many skeins of wool this month. Choosing all the natural colors that I have around my studio. Sensing that my first handspun rug will be woven with the natural colors of the wool. I drove out to Jackson County Fairgrounds to the FiberMania faire this morning. I chatted with many wool and alpaca growers, makers of wool products, dyers and all. I connected with a couple who raise Shetland sheep in Northern Oregon. The wool is rooed (handpulled) from the sheep, not sheared. Each box of roving had a card on it, with the sheep's name, photo, favorite moments and an interesting fact or two. I purchased roving from Lady Sybil and Lady Sumie. I love having this connection to the sheep, knowing a little about whose wool I am working with. Lady Sybil has a beautiful dark color. Here is her wool on the spool.

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