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The journey begins: from fleece to rug

Full moon, Friday the 13th seems an auspicious day to begin my journey of this blog...

I have always dreamed of spinning enough yarn to weave a rug. And now I am going to commit myself to this dream. Starting with fleece from local sheep, and some not so local but dear sheep (of my friend Kathee in Arlee, MT), I am carding the wool and/or spinning the roving, into one ply rug yarn. Many friends have been curious about what this means, as I know that not everyone speaks wool, yarn and weaving, so here begins my journey through photos, thoughts and perhaps a video or two.

As I sit and spin, I am carried into another place, with the wool flowing thru my fingers. Thoughts rise and fall, memories move through me, intentions rise, gratitude flows. I feel connected to something larger than myself. I feel the energy of the sheep, of where they have lived, of the seasons, the earth, sky, wind, rains and sun. I open my heart to the vibrations of creating. From sheep fleece to yarn. I feel grounded and whole.

First skein of yarn created.

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