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  • "Weaving connects me to the web of life that surrounds and informs us. My work plays with capturing our connection to this larger energetic field"

    ~Nancy Escherich

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  • About Nancy

    Nancy Escherich

    My great grandmother and grandmother were weavers....

    Weaving is in my bones and I summon it to create the images I weave.


    Tapestry has always been a way for me to create and express what I feel within me and witness outside of me. There are universal themes which we understand even if we don’t know how we understand them. Weaving connects me to the web of life that surrounds and informs us. My work plays with capturing our connection to this larger energetic field.


    The ideas for my pieces begin in my heartmind. An image takes form while I play with color and patterns. I then draw up the design and place it behind the warp threads of my upright loom. I call in my ancestors, my guardian beings and the living energies thru prayer and invite them to be with me while I weave. The journey begins as my hands, heart, head and spirit bring this new piece into being.


    From working with Navajo, Peruvian and Guatemalan weavers and Southwestern Native American potters throughout my life, my work is influenced by the intricate patterns and designs of the these artists and cultures. I am inspired by the geometric designs of the textiles and pottery of the Americas and all the rich layers of meanings that pulse through the designs.


    This summer, the day after the Almeda Fire tore through our valley, starting 3 blocks from my house, I walked down to the pond. I deeply felt the devastation the fire had left in its aftermath. I went back home, cut flowers from my garden , returned to the pond and started creating offerings to the land, to remind ourselves of the beauty that will return to the charred landscape. I have continued making these Earth Offerings, deepening my connection to the gathering and growing of the materials I use and this special place I call home.


    I also enjoy teaching weaving and other handcrafts to people of all ages. I so enjoy the journey of creating with others and being a part of the work others create. Please contact me if you would like to have me teach a class with a circle of friends or family. I also do private lessons.


    I recently completed my Holy Fire 3 Karuna Master level class and am giving Reiki Sessions from my home or long distance. Please contact me if you would like to experience this incredible energy work.


    I invite you to choose a one of a kind tapestry, some Earth offering cards or a Reiki Session, all available from my Shop. 

  • Work With Nancy

    Learn the art and craft of weaving

    Beginning Weaving Workshop

    (coming soon)

    10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday


    Maximum 4 students per workshop

    In this two day workshop, you will learn to warp a 4 harness table loom, learn a few weaving techniques and how to finish a weaving. You will leave with a beautiful, handwoven scarf.


    Workshop includes:

    • Use of 4 harness table loom and warping board
    • 4 oz 5/2 cotton warp
    • Warping tools

    Please bring:

    • 4 oz skein of yarn (will discuss options first day)
    • Scissors
    • Measuring tape
    • Notebook and pen

    Private instruction available - please contact me

  • If you are interested in a commission,

    please contact me!

  • Contact Nancy

    Ashland, OR
    By Appointment Only
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